Released November 2015

All songs written by Chad Walls except * written by Chad Walls & Mark Rohman
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Wyman at Halo
Produced by Jonathan Wyman and Chad Walls
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway
Layout and design by Rowan Bishop at Bridge Street Design

Bull Moose
CD Baby


Track Listing
1. Dragonfly
2. Magellan with a Timetable
3. A Picture of Paris
4. To Travel Hopefully
5. Albert’s Square
6. Architecture
7. Strange and Singular
8. Finally, I’m a Postcard
9. That Light’s Gone Out
10. Terminal C

The Portland band An Overnight Low delivers the catchy smart-pop and indie-rock grit you’re craving — plus a handy new album to take home, Piccadilly – The Bollard

After listening to their latest CD, Piccadilly, I can’t help but agree. It’s the energetic, yet thoughtful and well-paced road-trip folk soundtrack that you’ve been looking for. – Francis Flisiuk, The Portland Phoenix

“Piccadilly” is, naturally, a continuation of themes explored in “Euston” — travel, loneliness, acclimating to a new place, emotional duress, missing loved ones, among others. It’s also a musical continuation, that’s very much in keeping with the tuneful, melodic, Beatles-haunted indie pop that was present on the first album.- Emily Stoddard-Burnham, Culture Shock

If you don’t like thoughtful, energetic, inspirational music that lights up your soul – whatever you do don’t listen to the “Piccadilly” album from An Overnight Low – Punk Monk, Salford City Radio, UK

Manchester’s dichotomy is represented on “Piccadilly’s” diverse lineup of songs. From the Christmas Markets of “Albert Square” to the English music-hall of “Finally, I’m a Postcard” to the observational passenger in “To Travel Hopefully,” the album is a rock photo collage as seen through the eyes of a part-time resident… “Piccadilly” is one of the most rewarding Maine-made listens of 2015. -Mike Dow, The Maine Edge

Well executed, catchy songs with a timeless energy.-Kyle Gervais, The Phoenix

Albert’s Square, feels like an undiscovered Beatles demo. I’m 90% sure that Paul McCartney was stuck in Heathrow that same day. ‘Working on a record are you? Well, I’ve got this melody kicking around… -Gascan Magazine